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February 2024

Initial list of interested travelers

By Pete Bardea
Posted: 02/24/2024

February 24, 2024

These are the trips we discussed today.

Any Questions, Changes or Additions please email

The names of the people who said they would research a certain trip are starred and underlined.

Most of the trips will take place in 2025 and on!

Stateside land trips:

1.       Carmel/ Monterey – (1 day) – Jan Fox, Linda Garden, Dorothy Bradt, Judy Disbrow

2.      Safari West – (car caravan to) Pete Bardea*, Bev Adams, Jan Fox, Linda Garden, Joanne Wasak, Ferrol Harrer, Helene Bellici, Pat McEllen, Bonnie Slatkin, Jim Whitfield, Marilyn Wollenweber.

3.      Yosemite- train/bus – Dee McCombs

4.      Snow train to Reno – Fiona and Larry Hughes, Jim Whitfield, Marilyn Wollenweber, Dorothy Bradt, Joanne Wasak, Pat McEllen, Bonnie Slatkin

5.      New England Fall – Judy Disbrow, Dee McCombs, Jan Fox, Linda Garden, Joanne Wasak, Bev Adams, Pete Bardea.


Stateside Cruises:

1.       Great Lakes – Judy Disbrow*, Jim Whitfield, Marilyn Wollenweber,, Margaret Bachman, Dorothy Bradt.

2.      Mississippi – Marilyn Wollenweber*, Jim Whitfield, Sue Manning, Sheila Driscoll, Judy Disbrow, Ferrol Harrer, Helene Bellici.

3.       New England cruise – Judy Disbrow*, Dee McCombs, Jan Fox, Linda Garden, Joanne Wasak, Bev Adams, Pete Bardea.

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